My name is Sara Tatti. I am in Grade 6 and my job this year is to add things to the school website.

I feel good about having this job because I like to work with Mrs Robb.

I am positive I will do a good job.

                        Sara at work on our website

GRIP Leadership Conference

Kaylee, Melody, Sophie and I attended a leadership conference in Sale at the town hall last month. There were many other schools at the conference too. We were there to learn how to be better leaders at our school. The four of us were chosen to go to improve our leadership skills so that we could bring those skills back to help our school and community. We sat in a hall for a long time and were given an activity booklet which we filled in as we watched and participated in the games and activities. The final activity was a game of “loud noises” where we had to dance like animals making funny sounds.

It was an excellent day and we enjoyed it a lot.

                by Bella Ciccia

The Updaters


Let’s give a warm welcome to the new Updater,  Sophie Knight.

Sophie is in Year Five.

Sophie is learning from Mrs. Robb how to update the website. She can write her own articles about school events. She sometimes has to be corrected before publishing.

Sophie is enjoying updating the website – so far.  

Sophie Knight                                                                  Written by Sophie Knight

Cross Country at Lochiel Park


Several Fridays ago on May 6, years 3/6 went to the cross country competition at Lochiel Park. Our school performed very well with an outstanding number of students qualifying for the next level of cross country.

Jimmy, Melody, Kaylee, Adam and I made it though.

Melody Mull was then successful in making it through to the Regional level.

By Elliott Thomas

The Ghost in the Basement

A Word from Sophie Knight

After the class had finished my story it was Mel’s turn.

We worked in groups and helped to improve Mel’s  story about a ghost in the basement. Now her story is more exciting and has more interesting words.

The Ghost in the Basement

Chapter 1

Written by Melody Mull

With help from Years 3-4.

I could hear ghostly moans down in the basement. It made my hair stand on end. I couldn’t stand the noise so I had to check it out.

I turned on my bedside lamp and apprehensively grabbed a torch. As I stepped down the stairs my footsteps echoed. When I heard something I stopped in my tracks and screamed at the top of my lungs. I ran back up the stairs but tripped over on one of the stairs. As I stood up I was shaking in fear and scrambled back into bed.

I tried so hard to go back to sleep but I could still hear the ghostly moans. All of a sudden it was dead silent and I finally went back to sleep. I had a disturbing dream about a monster and I awoke trembling because in the dream the monster appeared and looked lifelike.

From my bed I could feel someone watching me through the window. He was wearing a hoodie and trackies and he had light blond hair and greeny yellow eyes. I looked away for about ten seconds and when I looked back he had vanished. At high speed I darted outside. I thought it had been an illusion but I’m sure he was there!

So I stepped back into my bedroom to go back to sleep.clip-art-of-real-ghost-clipart-1

To Be Continued………………