My name is Sara Tatti. I am in Grade 6 and my job this year is to add things to the school website.

I feel good about having this job because I like to work with Mrs Robb.

I am positive I will do a good job.

                        Sara at work on our website

Visit To The Space Dome

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GRIP Leadership Conference

Kaylee, Melody, Sophie and I attended a leadership conference in Sale at the town hall last month. There were many other schools at the conference too. We were there to learn how to be better leaders at our school. The four of us were chosen to go to improve our leadership skills so that we could bring those skills back to help our school and community. We sat in a hall for a long time and were given an activity booklet which we filled in as we watched and participated in the games and activities. The final activity was a game of “loud noises” where we had to dance like animals making funny sounds.

It was an excellent day and we enjoyed it a lot.

                by Bella Ciccia


We’ve started up Clubs again this year with Paul Brown, Mr Millward, Mrs Dacy-Broome and Mrs Murray.
Paul Brown is doing wood work again this year. His skilful group loves making new creations with him. They are hoping to do more wood work on their own in future years.
Mrs Murray is planning fabric art this year for the first time with the 2-3 girls. This group enjoys showing off their skills with fabric.
Mrs Dacy-Broome is playing co-operation games with the preps. The preps love playing games with Mrs Dacy-Broome.
Mr Millward is doing clay mation with his group for the first time where they love making movies with clay. Mr Millward’s group of movie- makers is having fun being cinematographers.
Sophie Knight

Amy and Jessica designing their fabric art.

Budding cinematographers with Mr Millward.

Regional Swimming Carnival

Our Swimmers

On a Wednesday in February three students went to Regional Swimming Carnival. Melody Mull, Jacob Richards and Bella Ciccia were North’s representatives. Everybody did their best as it was very competitive. Jacob came 5th in his relay team, Melody came 4th in her relay team and Bella came 5th in her freestyle and 3rd in her relay team.

Every body had a great day and thanks to Julie for taking us.

written by Bella Cicca