Regional Swimming Carnival

Our Swimmers

On a Wednesday in February three students went to Regional Swimming Carnival. Melody Mull, Jacob Richards and Bella Ciccia were North’s representatives. Everybody did their best as it was very competitive. Jacob came 5th in his relay team, Melody came 4th in her relay team and Bella came 5th in her freestyle and 3rd in her relay team.

Every body had a great day and thanks to Julie for taking us.

written by Bella Cicca

Swimming Lessons For Prep /1 /2

In our swimming lessons we had two teachers. Their names were Meg and Richard. Richard was funny because he jumped in the water. Meg was funny because when she wanted our attention she got a noodle and slapped it on the water. I jumped into the water.

By Amy-Rose Smith 

At the swimming pool my teacher is Paul. Paul is a mean teacher because he splashed Sara, Jessica and me. He did it when we were out of the water. When we got in the water it was cold. We started to squeal but it got warm later on.

                                                                                                                                                                    By Rianna Tatti

In swimming lessons I learnt to dive off the edge. Meg was our teacher and she showed us how to do it. She showed us how to float on our backs and she taught us how to swim. We practised kicking with a kick board up and down the pool. We had fun jumping in and climbing up the ladder. I want to go swimming again next year.
                                                                                                                                                                  By Holly Schaefer

In swimming my teacher was Meg. She let us do a pin drop. I liked doing a somersault under water. I learnt to do a somersault without my nose hurting. Meg said the better you torpedo the easier everything else is.

                                                                                                                                                                 By Bella Archer

My school went swimming in Lakes. On the 4th day of swimming we had a choice of how to get in the pool. I did a spin in the air and I went in the water. My teacher’s name is Paul He is a bit scary because when we go under water he grabs a noodle and smacks it over our head when we are still under water.
                                                                                                                                                               By Mark Hederman

Cross Country at Lochiel Park


Several Fridays ago on May 6, years 3/6 went to the cross country competition at Lochiel Park. Our school performed very well with an outstanding number of students qualifying for the next level of cross country.

Jimmy, Melody, Kaylee, Adam and I made it though.

Melody Mull was then successful in making it through to the Regional level.

By Elliott Thomas

Swimming in 2015 – Mrs Murray’s writing group

In swimming this year I have………………

Holly    learnt to blow bubbles, swim on my back and do breaststroke.



Bella  learnt to float like a starfish.




Hannah   learnt to swim with me cuddling a board and a bear.





Tiarnah   learnt to go under water.





Mark     done backstroke.






Cassady     liked backstroke. I liked doing bombs and I love doing freestyle.






Jessie     blown bubbles.






JaacobI did freestyle and backstroke.









learnt to go under water. It was fun.





Jessicalearnt to dive.






Riannalearned freestyle and backstroke.




Elliott at the Swimming Carnival

Swimming Sports

Elliott is proud of his efforts.

Elliott is proud of his efforts.

It was a very sunny day. We went to the pool at exactly 9 am. We started the walk by playing a game of “I went to the super market.” We walked with Jane and Mrs Young. When crossing the roads Mrs Young waited anxiously in the middle of the road so all the kids were safe and joyful.

When we got to the pool we got changed and sat on the grass. When I got to the grass I was feeling funny in the tummy. Then we went to the starting blocks and I got on one of the blocks and then I heard the whistle. I flew in to the pool. Everyone was cheering for me! As quickly as 60 seconds it was up, and then I went and got my third place ribbon and went to the sheltered area.

After swimming Mrs Young got us a slushy before we went back to school and had a nice afternoon. I was really proud of myself because I have worked so hard to get 25 meters.

by Elliott Thomas