How To Be a Viking Raider


Sharp weapon

Wooden ship

Brave warriors

Big shields.

And wool

Greetings. My name is Sarah the Viking. I am a vicious and highly successful raider. If you want to be rich and famous, just follow my handy tips on how to organise and carry out a raid on a coastal monastery.

Step 1

You will need money to help you build the boat faster. I’d suggest you choose the medium ship, you will need it.

Step 2

Before you go any further please make sure you have these materials.             

 Step 3

If you’re reading this right now I assume you have all these materials. Choose a place to build your ship. I’d choose out of Strandybarm or Kaupang because they have wool and wood which is perfect.

Step 4

 Ok time to choose your crew. A berserker kills more people, a navigator helps make sure you don’t get lost on the raid; a sail maker repairs your sail if it gets destroyed, and last but not least are warriors.

Step 5

 Choose which route to take. Across the sea is quick but risky and along the coast is slow but safe

I’d suggest you take quick but risky because it’s basically the same as slow and safe but this is much faster.

Step 6

Where shall you land your ship? Just letting you know surprise is the most important thing so they don’t see you coming but don’t go too far or it will take a while to walk.

Step 7

Will you destroy everything after the raid or will you leave it all alone? Don’t destroy everything because there will be nothing there when you come back next time. If you collected all the stuff I guess you can burn it down but the chief will be mad.

Thank you for joining me with the steps but it’s time for me to go raiding with my crew.


Written by Alicia Engler

Shark Story

I saw a shark and a diver in the ocean. I was really shocked when I saw the shark so my eyes almost fell out. There were reeds in the sea. The shark looked hungry. He was pretty fat and beside him there were little orange fish. It was in the day. The shark is grey. The scuba diver was breathing really hard and the man had a breathing mask ( air tank) on his back. The water was aqua colour.

By Holly Schaefer, Grade Two.

Shark Story

One day there was a grey shark in the ocean. There were fish under him and the fish were orange. There was a diver and he was breathing really fast because he saw a big shark. The shark is going to a different direction than the diver.It was day time because there was light blue at the top of the ocean. The shark has five fins and he has big, sharp teeth. The diver has a gas mask with an orange air tank. There are reeds in the water and they are really big and they are green.

Written by Jessica Rixon Year 3


Chapter 1

My Creepy Hallway

Every morning I get a shiver down my spine. I look at my extremely white door. Outside I have a pitch black hallway.

“Oh no! I’m late for school,” I said, looking at the round clock. I took a deep breath. I slowly kicked my blanket off my bed and walked to my door. I grabbed the door handle and slowly twisted it. I waited for five seconds. When I was up to three I heard a ghostly moan. I started shaking heavily. I closed my eyes tightly and opened my door. When I was in my pitch black hallway I felt something tickle my feet. I shook so much that I raced to the lounge room. I started to puff in relief. I packed everything I needed to go to school.

In class I couldn’t think straight. I wrote 1+1+=3. The teacher thought I was trying to get attention by writing that, so I got detention.

After school I touched the handle of the front door. I suddenly stopped because I saw a picture of a lady getting stabbed.

Chapter 2

Who Was the Lady on the Picture?

I scrunched the piece of paper up and tried to forget all about it. I suddenly had to go to the toilet. As I got there my eyes were filling up with tears because my mum was lying on the floor. with blood leaking out of her chest. Then a wave of memory went through my brain.

“That’s what that picture meant.” Then I saw another note. The note said, “LOOK OUT  YOU”RE NEXT”. I freaked our. I heard tapping and knocking on our door. I raced to the open window in the bathroom. I tried to squeeze through but I couldn’t fit. So I grabbed a hammer out of the door and bashed the glass until it broke. I suddenly heard footsteps behind me. I closed my eyes and felt for the window. I pushed myself through the window. When I was about twelve metres away from the house, the house blew up in flames. I saw something in the sky.

Chapter 3

My New Friend

It looked like Uranus. I realised it was coming straight to earth. I started to cry. Someone came up to me. She had brown eyes, black hair and beautiful tanned skin. She said, ” Hi, my name is Melody. Would you like to hang out with me? Don’t be scared. My parents died.”

“Really? My parents died too”, I said.

After an hour or so we became best friends. “BOOM”! We fell over with a thud.

“What was that?” asked Melody.

“I know exactly what that was. It was Uranus!”

Soon waves of water were crashing towards us. They went right on us. I swallowed a gulp, of water and I needed to cough. I couldn’t breathe., Melody was missing and my heart was pounding. A wave of water pushed me into a mountain. I gripped onto a tiny hole in the mountain and started to climb up. I needed to find Melody and so I dived into the water to find her. Suddenly I had to burp. So I did.

Chapter 4

My New Home

I ran out of breath. So I knew it was the end of my life for me. So I let myself die.My spirit flowed out of my body. Soon my spirit reached Heaven. I saw God and Jesus. So I gave them a big hug. After that I started doing gymnastics.

So I lived my afterlife in heaven. It was wonderful. W-wait is that…..It is….It’s Donald Trump. I’m so turning the other direction. I sorry I have to go now. So I will see you next time on the quest to find my dead mother.

Written by Alicia Engler