Chapter 1

My Creepy Hallway

Every morning I get a shiver down my spine. I look at my extremely white door. Outside I have a pitch black hallway.

“Oh no! I’m late for school,” I said, looking at the round clock. I took a deep breath. I slowly kicked my blanket off my bed and walked to my door. I grabbed the door handle and slowly twisted it. I waited for five seconds. When I was up to three I heard a ghostly moan. I started shaking heavily. I closed my eyes tightly and opened my door. When I was in my pitch black hallway I felt something tickle my feet. I shook so much that I raced to the lounge room. I started to puff in relief. I packed everything I needed to go to school.

In class I couldn’t think straight. I wrote 1+1+=3. The teacher thought I was trying to get attention by writing that, so I got detention.

After school I touched the handle of the front door. I suddenly stopped because I saw a picture of a lady getting stabbed.

Chapter 2

Who Was the Lady on the Picture?

I scrunched the piece of paper up and tried to forget all about it. I suddenly had to go to the toilet. As I got there my eyes were filling up with tears because my mum was lying on the floor. with blood leaking out of her chest. Then a wave of memory went through my brain.

“That’s what that picture meant.” Then I saw another note. The note said, “LOOK OUT  YOU”RE NEXT”. I freaked our. I heard tapping and knocking on our door. I raced to the open window in the bathroom. I tried to squeeze through but I couldn’t fit. So I grabbed a hammer out of the door and bashed the glass until it broke. I suddenly heard footsteps behind me. I closed my eyes and felt for the window. I pushed myself through the window. When I was about twelve metres away from the house, the house blew up in flames. I saw something in the sky.

Chapter 3

My New Friend

It looked like Uranus. I realised it was coming straight to earth. I started to cry. Someone came up to me. She had brown eyes, black hair and beautiful tanned skin. She said, ” Hi, my name is Melody. Would you like to hang out with me? Don’t be scared. My parents died.”

“Really? My parents died too”, I said.

After an hour or so we became best friends. “BOOM”! We fell over with a thud.

“What was that?” asked Melody.

“I know exactly what that was. It was Uranus!”

Soon waves of water were crashing towards us. They went right on us. I swallowed a gulp, of water and I needed to cough. I couldn’t breathe., Melody was missing and my heart was pounding. A wave of water pushed me into a mountain. I gripped onto a tiny hole in the mountain and started to climb up. I needed to find Melody and so I dived into the water to find her. Suddenly I had to burp. So I did.

Chapter 4

My New Home

I ran out of breath. So I knew it was the end of my life for me. So I let myself die.My spirit flowed out of my body. Soon my spirit reached Heaven. I saw God and Jesus. So I gave them a big hug. After that I started doing gymnastics.

So I lived my afterlife in heaven. It was wonderful. W-wait is that…..It is….It’s Donald Trump. I’m so turning the other direction. I sorry I have to go now. So I will see you next time on the quest to find my dead mother.

Written by Alicia Engler

The Figure In The Fog – Chapter 2 of The Ghost in the Basement

I woke up and it was extremely foggy. When my feet hit the ground I felt a cold shiver go down my spine. I checked my alarm clock “5:00 AM”.

As I strolled through the hallway, mum’s old picture of her great-great grandma moved. I wiped my eyes to see that the picture had stopped moving. I was a bit shocked. so, I fast walked to the kitchen and sat down on the couch. A couple of days ago my friend, Everleigh, told me about a website of “Die at my” So I decided to search up the website. The results were definitely NOT good.

Katherine Malverine (my mum’s great- great grandma).

I went all trembly and my head went dizzy. A chilled object touched my shoulders and  I gasped, but I used my hands to cover my mouth to stop screaming.

It was now 6:30 and I was still traumatized from the event. I looked out the window, and stared at the dull graveyard and shivered. I noticed a strange, moving, tall shape. It was dressed in black and was wearing a hoodie. He was fast walking around as if he was in a hurry. He pulled a shovel out and started to dig.

Image result for clipart scary graveyardWritten by Melody Mull

Year 2/3 Persuasive Writing

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Year 2/3 Persuasive Writing


Chapter One: The Attack
I ran as fast as I could as I made a skid-stop at the end of the cliff.
“Should I, should I not?” I asked myself.
I was running from a beast that had curly horns, large claws and 6 legs. The orb I was holding started to glow a pale, turquoise green colour. It flew out of my hands. The colour travelled from the side of it. It transformed into a bubble that surrounded me. I jumped off the edge of the cliff but when I hit the grasslands I didn’t feel a thing. The beast leaped onto me. The bubble faded.
“That hurt,” I exclaimed as I reached out for the orb. The monster jumped off of me. I started to make my way home. I tucked the orb into my bag. As I made my way home I logged onto the computer.

This is the ultimate weapon. The guardian is called SARPHLIX. It is said that this can transform into whatever you think of.

“Strange” I Said.

Chapter Two: The Find

         I charged out the back of the house. I thought of a missile launcher. It appeared. I thought of a sword. It appeared. I dashed off to the forest. I found out where the monster was.

“Game on!” I screeched. I charged at the sarphlix. It came out of another puddle. “So that’s how you want to play. My suggestion is that I kill you.”

I went to the puddle that was on the left of the monster. It appeared at that puddle. I stabbed at its heart. It survived!

I entered a corner. I was trapped!

Chapter Three: Elemental

I had to think fast. I thought of a shield. It appeared. I held it in front of me. The beast hit the shield. I thought of a sword. It appeared. I stabbed at its armpits. It died.

“That is a punishment,” I sighed.

I made my way back home, again.


Written by Jimmy Cameron



Some Silly Stories from Prep /1 /2

One day there was a chook. The chook read a book. The book bit the chook and the chook grabbed a hook and whacked the book. “What a naughty book you are,” said the chook.

By Jessie Hearl



Once there was a King. He swung and swung on the swing and then he fell off. He stepped on a bee and he said “It stings!” But then the bee did start to sing. The King looked up at the bee’s wings. It had colourful wings. The King said to the bee “Can you stop singing?”
                                                                                                                               By Jessica Rixon


One day two girls named Amy and Holly were pretending to be monkeys. They liked eating bees and fleas. One day they met Jessie the bee and she gave them TNT and it blew up a tree. They found a key in the blown up tree. They had tea and went in the sea .

By Bella Archer



Once upon a time there was a dark brown taco. He was the ugliest brown taco ever. His name was MARK. He went to the ocean and near the park he met a shark. Image result for clipart taco
The shark said “ Bark!! EHHHHHHHHUM!!! Sorry I barked I’m part dog. It is getting dark, do you want to crash at my place?”
“Yes I will.” said the taco.
“THANKS! I haven’t had any visitors lately.”
When they got to the shark’s house, the shark ate the taco. That was the end of the taco!


By Mark Hederman