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School Values and Consequences.

    Orbost North Primary School.


At this school we want everyone to :

  • Respect others
  • Be responsible
  • Stay safe and be happy (not leave the room without permission.)
  • Follow instructions
  • Look after each other, all equipment and our school environment.
  • Include others without violence, share and be helpful
  • Be the best they can be and have a go.



When our values are broken :

1.The student’s name will be written on the board, this is a warning.

2. One tick =consequence from the list at the next play time, like picking up rubbish.

3. Two ticks= Note home about the behaviour to the student’s parents, to be signed and an appropriate consequence to be negotiated with the Teacher.

            List of consequences.

  • Write out School values.
  • Miss out on a play time.
  • Write an apology letter to the appropriate person.
  • Have a meeting with those involved and the parents.
  • Do some community service in the yard (pick up rubbish)
  • Miss out on an excursion.
  • Be sent home.

School Goals


Orbost North Primary School  2012

Our goals are to:


– provide a safe, secure, caring environment where students and staff feel safe, valued, respected and happy, challenged and inspired. In an environment which allows all students the opportunity to reach their potential;  to create a school culture where boundaries are clear and uniform throughout the school; where positive behaviour and attitudes are regularly acknowledged and rewarded;  and where the giving and receiving of feedback is expected and encouraged.


We as a staff will implement these goals by:

  1. Being consistent in our approach to students, with our student agreed values and consequences.
  2. Making clear and firm boundaries in relation to expectations and behaviour and standing by them.
  3. Communication: keeping these lines open between students and staff as well as between all staff.
  4. Support: providing adequate and appropriate support in the areas of teaching resources, curriculum knowledge and with behavioural management.
  5. See something- do something!  If you see an issue or problem, then do something about it.
  6. Holding regular reviews on our progress at staff meetings and regular ESS meetings.
  7. Incorporating and implementing Restorative Practises into daily school life and practices.
  8. Supporting positive behaviours and the giving and receiving of feedback.




I CAN do anything!!!!!!

I can do anything!!!!!!!!!

Orbost North Primary School

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