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Scott, Ben and the CFA

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Year 4/5/6 trip to the Coastal School.

Coastal School Hannah 




On Wednesday the 29th of February the grade 4/5/6  students from O.N.P.S. went to the coastal school for the day.


We left our school and went to the Coastal School on the mini bus. When we got there we went inside and sat down while two of the coastal school students talked to us about what we were going to do for the day. Then we went outside and played games like Octopus and Scarecrow Tiggy.


After the games we had morning tea, which was a yummy chocolate brownie with coconut. After morning tea we were split into groups and we started our first activity, snake safety. I was in a group with Blayne, Tyler and Lucy. We told a story and I was little Alli, who got bitten by a snake, then a magic echidna took little Alli back in time to teach her a lesson about wearing gaiters and taking friends when going walking through the bush. At the end of this activity we did some first aid on how to treat snake bites.


Our next activity was about dolphins. The third activity for the day was making damper. After the damper activity we had lunch, which was sausages and salad with bread. Then it was time for our last activity which was a session on Australian animals. The animals included dingoes, bandicoots and a platypus.


Overall I had an enjoyable day and going to the Coastal school was a great experience. When I’m in year 9 I am hoping to go to the Alpine school in Mount Hotham.


From Hannah Hallam



Coastal School Excursion

On Wednesday the 29\2\12.

The 4\5\6’s went to the Coastal School.

At the School year 9’s go there for 8-9 weeks.

There are 45 kids there, they sleep in two parts of the school.

Girls & boys, they sleep in rooms with two people in each.


The first game we played was called Octopus.

Then we had morning tea for morning tea we had a chocolate brownie with coconut in it. Then we got put into our groups. InVegemite

there was Alli, Imogen, Courtney &myself.

In G’day were Maggie, Lockie, Blake & Summer.

And last in Pies was Lucy, Hannah, Tyler & Blayne.


We went to play ship wreck.

Then we made paper pirate hats.

Then we went to a Snake activity and we saw all different snakes like:

Brown, Tiger Snake, Red Belly Black.

Then we went out side and a girl pretended she was bitten by a snake.


Excursion to Coastal School

On Wednesday the 29th of February the 4/5/6s went to Coastal school and we did lots of fun things. 

When we got there we played octopus. Then we went inside and had morning tea. We had chocolate brownies and coconut, it was yummmmmmmmmmy! After we had morning tea we went for our first session and then our second session. My favourite session was when Tash pretended to get bitten by a snake and Sebastian showed us how to treat a snake bite. 

 Then we had lunch we had sausages in bread and salad.

When we had to go back inside we played heads down thumbs up then some people stood up and said a thank you. Then we got in the bus and went back to school.

It was very fun and I would go there again.



From Courtney Cameron


Marlo coastal school


Wednesday the 29th of February the 4, 5, 6 students went to Marlo coastal school. There were 45 year 9 kids at the coastal school. The kids were very nice and had 4 meals a day.


 When we first got there we played octopus and scarecrow

Tiggy. Then we had morning tea.


Some of the activities we did were cooking damper, snake bites and dolphins. There were 3 groups, G`Day, Pies and Vegemite. Each group did something different. I was in a group with Hannah, Blayne and Lucy. Our school was there the whole day and I had lots of fun.



                                       by  Tyler 



The Excursion to the Marlo Coastal School!!

On Wednesday the 29/2/12 the grade 4/5/6 went to the Marlo Coastal School. It took us 15 minutes to get to the Coastal School. When we got there we had to put our bags down on the floor then we played a couple of games like octopus and other interesting and fun games.

We met lots of friendly people and then we were hungry so they got us some morning tea and on our table we had a boy with big ears so we called him Elfie. We also met a girl named Hannah and I also met Tash. The morning tea was a chocolate and coconut piece of cake. After that we sorted out our groups that we were in and I was in the pies with Blayne, Tyler, Hannah and myself. Our team mate was Hannah in year 9, she was  interesting.

Our next activity was in a blue room filled with pictures of dolphins the first thing we did in that room was played a game of pin the fin on the dolphin.  Tyler won but I was not even close to it. The grade 9’s had a power point  for us and they even asked questions about that animal and after that we did a colouring sheet and I am going to continue it. After that we did a quiz of it and who ever answered the most question s got a fish made out of pipe cleaners.

           We had lunch and what we had was sausages in bread and we also had a choice of tomato, beetroot, cheese, and lettuce and a choice of tomato or barbeque sauce. I had two sausages in bread and a couple of other things and it was very nice. Our first activities were a snake interview where we pretended that we were walking in the bush so we had to wear gaiters. That activity was really fun.

              Our third  session was that we made damper and  we had to roll  the dough around the stick and then  we put it on top of the fire and  it took 2 minutes to cook it. At the end we put a spread on and I had butter and it was beautiful then after that  the people that were in charge wanted all of my group to sing waltz sing matilda and I didn’t really feel like singing so I just sat there eating my damper then we went back and  they told us all about Australian animals and we had a choice either get your face painted or we went outside and played a couple of games.

 At the end of the day we played heads down thumbs up then we said our thankyou’s and our good byes and we grabbed our bags and went back to O.N.P.S when I’m older I want to have a experience like they did and I want to go there but the most important thing was that I enjoyed myself.

                                            By: Lucy


On Wednesday the 29th of February the 4,5,6’s all went to the coastal school for the day.


The Coastal school kids were all very welcoming by lots of smiles and happy faces. Then they all got us outside to talk about what we’re going to do for the day. Then we all played a couple of games. We all went inside to have yyyuuummmmmmyyy chocolate and coconut brownies. Then after all that they put us into our groups, one was called g’day and the other one was pies and I was in vegemite and that was the best team of all. The coastal school were all very organised, because we were never bored. There was the game shipwrecked and making damper, talking about Beware Reef, playing octopus, animal hunt, and lots more.


Orbost North thanks for helping us with the activities and finding where things are and for being so nice.  

By Imogen Dacy