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Orbost North’s Pyjama Day

The newly formed Junior School Council of Orbost North chose the Anti-bullying, pyjama day as their first out of school fund raiser for the year. We were delighted to see everyone turn up in their pyjamas with a donation and we were even more excited to find we’d raised $77!  Not bad for a school of only 30 students.

We’d like to thank the Orbost Police for visiting the school and explaining the different forms that bullying can take, to the students and the consequences that the bullying incurs.

I believe the day was a great success giving all the children at Orbost North something to think about and making them aware that even by witnessing the bullying and not acting in any way to stop it, you are being a bully yourself.

Sara and Jess

Sara and Jessica cuddle the kitten.

pyjama day

Bella, Jacob and Kaylee in their pj’s.

Swimming in 2015 – Mrs Murray’s writing group

In swimming this year I have………………

Holly    learnt to blow bubbles, swim on my back and do breaststroke.



Bella  learnt to float like a starfish.




Hannah   learnt to swim with me cuddling a board and a bear.





Tiarnah   learnt to go under water.





Mark     done backstroke.






Cassady     liked backstroke. I liked doing bombs and I love doing freestyle.






Jessie     blown bubbles.






JaacobI did freestyle and backstroke.









learnt to go under water. It was fun.





Jessicalearnt to dive.






Riannalearned freestyle and backstroke.




Elliott at the Swimming Carnival

Swimming Sports

Elliott is proud of his efforts.

Elliott is proud of his efforts.

It was a very sunny day. We went to the pool at exactly 9 am. We started the walk by playing a game of “I went to the super market.” We walked with Jane and Mrs Young. When crossing the roads Mrs Young waited anxiously in the middle of the road so all the kids were safe and joyful.

When we got to the pool we got changed and sat on the grass. When I got to the grass I was feeling funny in the tummy. Then we went to the starting blocks and I got on one of the blocks and then I heard the whistle. I flew in to the pool. Everyone was cheering for me! As quickly as 60 seconds it was up, and then I went and got my third place ribbon and went to the sheltered area.

After swimming Mrs Young got us a slushy before we went back to school and had a nice afternoon. I was really proud of myself because I have worked so hard to get 25 meters.

by Elliott Thomas

Bryce at the Swimming Carnival

Swimming Carnival

Bryce is happy with his swim.

Bryce is happy with his swim.

It was a sunny day on the Friday of our Swimming Carnival. Mum drove me to the pool. I got changed and went to the grass area. Mrs Murray talked to us about the Aqua-code:
  • Never swim alone;
  • Lay on your back and put your hand up if you’re in trouble;
  • Reach to rescue.
After that I had free time. I did good dives and I also did deep to shallow dives. Before Mum drove me home I had a Slushy. It was a good day.

                                                            By Bryce