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ANZAC Day at Orbost North

To celebrate ANZAC Day at our school we planted a pine tree which will take 100 years to grow to maturity. It was given to us to plant on April  25th so we remember all those who fought and continue to fight in war.

This Lone Pine tree comes from the seeds of a pine cone which was sent home by one of the soldiers who fought at Gallipoli. His mother grew the seeds and decided to plant the trees in a place where people could remember the soldiers who died at Lone Pine in Turkey. A plaque was placed at its base in remembrance of her son who died.

She sent seeds from the trees to Canberra where they, too, planted a tree in the grounds of the Australian War Memorial.

Students from the senior class had researched WW1 and read this to the other students and teachers.

“World War 1 started in August 1914 when the Archduke from Austria-Hungary was shot in Bosnia by Gavrilo Princip, a man from Serbia.

Austria- Hungary declared war on Serbia and this created a chain reaction where Germany, Italy, Turkey, France and Britain became involved in the war. 

In 1915 Britian wanted Australia to join them in the flight. 416,809 Australians volunteered to go. Australia’s first fight occurred on the Gallipoli Peninsular in Turkey when we landed at ANZAC Cove on 25th April 1915. 

Australian and New Zealand troops landed on the wrong beach which meant that they faced steep slopes and ridges. They come under heavy fire from the Turks who were ready at the top of the hills. 

Our troops forced the Turkish armies back from the beaches. Then they dug trenches and made shelters to protect themselves. This is how they got their nickname “Diggers”.On this very first day 2000 men were killed and 1800 were wounded. 

The Turkish and Australian trenches were so close together they could hear each other telling jokes and smell their tobacco. They often swapped food and joked with each other. Both sides had a lot of respect for each other. 

But life in the trenches and on the battle field was terrible. They didn’t have much food and each day soldiers had to survive on only one bottle of water. There was a terrible smell from all the dead bodies. Many of the soldiers got sick and were unable to fight. 

During this battle our Australian troops developed a reputation of perseverance and courage. They were known for sticking at it no matter how tough and bad things got. They developed strong friendships with each other and always did their best to look out for their mates. 

Australians fought in Gallipoli for 9 months before they were allowed to leave on 20th December 1915. In this short time there were 25000 casualties which included 8700 deaths. 

Our soldiers’ acts of bravery helped shape who we are and gave us all courage to stand up for what we believe in. It is important that we remember their courage, bravery, endurance, mateship, determination and sacrifice.”

                         Let’s make sure we never forget.


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