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The Ghost in the Basement

A Word from Sophie Knight

After the class had finished my story it was Mel’s turn.

We worked in groups and helped to improve Mel’s  story about a ghost in the basement. Now her story is more exciting and has more interesting words.

The Ghost in the Basement

Chapter 1

Written by Melody Mull

With help from Years 3-4.

I could hear ghostly moans down in the basement. It made my hair stand on end. I couldn’t stand the noise so I had to check it out.

I turned on my bedside lamp and apprehensively grabbed a torch. As I stepped down the stairs my footsteps echoed. When I heard something I stopped in my tracks and screamed at the top of my lungs. I ran back up the stairs but tripped over on one of the stairs. As I stood up I was shaking in fear and scrambled back into bed.

I tried so hard to go back to sleep but I could still hear the ghostly moans. All of a sudden it was dead silent and I finally went back to sleep. I had a disturbing dream about a monster and I awoke trembling because in the dream the monster appeared and looked lifelike.

From my bed I could feel someone watching me through the window. He was wearing a hoodie and trackies and he had light blond hair and greeny yellow eyes. I looked away for about ten seconds and when I looked back he had vanished. At high speed I darted outside. I thought it had been an illusion but I’m sure he was there!

So I stepped back into my bedroom to go back to sleep.clip-art-of-real-ghost-clipart-1

To Be Continued………………

If I Could Go Anywhere I Would Go ……..

If I could travel anywhere in the world I would love to visit Costa Rica.

I would pack my daily journal to study new and  interesting animals that you can’t find in Australia, light, colourful, danger- proof camouflage clothes to wear and sufficient money to buy souvenirs like mini sloth statues.

I would venture deep into the wet lands of the rainforest. We would transport there by car, plane, foot and boat. My mum and dad would accompany me. This trip will take place two months before Christmas.

The main reason I would choose Costa Rica is because I love sloths and I would like to see a baby sloth with my own two eyes. My trip to Costa Rica would be marvelous and I probably won’t believe my eyes.

Written by Sophie Knight

Sophie is pleased with her latest story.

Sophie is pleased with her latest story.

With some help from her friends

And Mrs Robb


Grade 3 – 4’s Helping Sophie Improve Her Story

Sophie had volunteered for us to edit an uncorrected piece of her writing.

In small groups we corrected her spelling and punctuation. When her plan had been all fixed up we looked at her story.

We changed the mistakes and discussed improving some of the words. To make her story more exciting we thought of more descriptive adjectives.

She now has an amazing piece of work!                            Written by  Melody Mull


Jasmine, Alex, Cassady and Alicia thinking about editing Sophie's story.

Jasmine, Alex, Cassady and Alicia thinking about editing Sophie’s story.

Kyah, Sara, Bryce and Adam working on Sophie's story.

Kyah, Sara, Bryce and Adam working on Sophie’s story.