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My Cute Fluffy Guinea Pig

On Sunday I acquired a guinea pig which I bought at Fountain Gate which is in Melbourne. It was cute, fluffy and playful although sometimes it got a bit too playful. It scratched and nibbled my hands.

To stop it from scratching, I put it on Elliott’s bed in a mesh hutch with a wooden top and bottom. On the floor of the cage I placed some carrots and cut up lettuce leaves. The guinea pig swallows a big piece of food and digests it before taking another one.

Its favourite food  would have to be mandarin peels and fruit. It feally likes them because they are juicy. It loves them so much that it bounces out of its cage and steals our peels, dragging them back to its cage. Now that we know that it loves mandarin peels we put our peels in its cage. We have to carefully read the labels on its food so that we don’t give it too much meat, sugar and some types of hay.

Because it needs to run around and play in the fresh air, I carry it outside away from the cats which I leave inside for one hour so Guinea can scuttle around safely.

Sometimes it poops on Bot’s bed and he has to clean it up. He doesn’t like Guinea because of this.

Guinea is my special pet and I love him.

By Cassady Thomas with help from 3-4 and Mrs Robb

Kids’ Capers

View Mrs Murray’s class work by clicking on this link:

Kids Capers

Cross Country at Lochiel Park


Several Fridays ago on May 6, years 3/6 went to the cross country competition at Lochiel Park. Our school performed very well with an outstanding number of students qualifying for the next level of cross country.

Jimmy, Melody, Kaylee, Adam and I made it though.

Melody Mull was then successful in making it through to the Regional level.

By Elliott Thomas