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Chapter One: The Attack
I ran as fast as I could as I made a skid-stop at the end of the cliff.
“Should I, should I not?” I asked myself.
I was running from a beast that had curly horns, large claws and 6 legs. The orb I was holding started to glow a pale, turquoise green colour. It flew out of my hands. The colour travelled from the side of it. It transformed into a bubble that surrounded me. I jumped off the edge of the cliff but when I hit the grasslands I didn’t feel a thing. The beast leaped onto me. The bubble faded.
“That hurt,” I exclaimed as I reached out for the orb. The monster jumped off of me. I started to make my way home. I tucked the orb into my bag. As I made my way home I logged onto the computer.

This is the ultimate weapon. The guardian is called SARPHLIX. It is said that this can transform into whatever you think of.

“Strange” I Said.

Chapter Two: The Find

         I charged out the back of the house. I thought of a missile launcher. It appeared. I thought of a sword. It appeared. I dashed off to the forest. I found out where the monster was.

“Game on!” I screeched. I charged at the sarphlix. It came out of another puddle. “So that’s how you want to play. My suggestion is that I kill you.”

I went to the puddle that was on the left of the monster. It appeared at that puddle. I stabbed at its heart. It survived!

I entered a corner. I was trapped!

Chapter Three: Elemental

I had to think fast. I thought of a shield. It appeared. I held it in front of me. The beast hit the shield. I thought of a sword. It appeared. I stabbed at its armpits. It died.

“That is a punishment,” I sighed.

I made my way back home, again.


Written by Jimmy Cameron




We’ve started up Clubs again this year with Paul Brown, Mr Millward, Mrs Dacy-Broome and Mrs Murray.
Paul Brown is doing wood work again this year. His skilful group loves making new creations with him. They are hoping to do more wood work on their own in future years.
Mrs Murray is planning fabric art this year for the first time with the 2-3 girls. This group enjoys showing off their skills with fabric.
Mrs Dacy-Broome is playing co-operation games with the preps. The preps love playing games with Mrs Dacy-Broome.
Mr Millward is doing clay mation with his group for the first time where they love making movies with clay. Mr Millward’s group of movie- makers is having fun being cinematographers.
Sophie Knight

Amy and Jessica designing their fabric art.

Budding cinematographers with Mr Millward.

Regional Swimming Carnival

Our Swimmers

On a Wednesday in February three students went to Regional Swimming Carnival. Melody Mull, Jacob Richards and Bella Ciccia were North’s representatives. Everybody did their best as it was very competitive. Jacob came 5th in his relay team, Melody came 4th in her relay team and Bella came 5th in her freestyle and 3rd in her relay team.

Every body had a great day and thanks to Julie for taking us.

written by Bella Cicca