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The Figure In The Fog – Chapter 2 of The Ghost in the Basement

I woke up and it was extremely foggy. When my feet hit the ground I felt a cold shiver go down my spine. I checked my alarm clock “5:00 AM”.

As I strolled through the hallway, mum’s old picture of her great-great grandma moved. I wiped my eyes to see that the picture had stopped moving. I was a bit shocked. so, I fast walked to the kitchen and sat down on the couch. A couple of days ago my friend, Everleigh, told me about a website of “Die at my” So I decided to search up the website. The results were definitely NOT good.

Katherine Malverine (my mum’s great- great grandma).

I went all trembly and my head went dizzy. A chilled object touched my shoulders and  I gasped, but I used my hands to cover my mouth to stop screaming.

It was now 6:30 and I was still traumatized from the event. I looked out the window, and stared at the dull graveyard and shivered. I noticed a strange, moving, tall shape. It was dressed in black and was wearing a hoodie. He was fast walking around as if he was in a hurry. He pulled a shovel out and started to dig.

Image result for clipart scary graveyardWritten by Melody Mull

GRIP Leadership Conference

Kaylee, Melody, Sophie and I attended a leadership conference in Sale at the town hall last month. There were many other schools at the conference too. We were there to learn how to be better leaders at our school. The four of us were chosen to go to improve our leadership skills so that we could bring those skills back to help our school and community. We sat in a hall for a long time and were given an activity booklet which we filled in as we watched and participated in the games and activities. The final activity was a game of “loud noises” where we had to dance like animals making funny sounds.

It was an excellent day and we enjoyed it a lot.

                by Bella Ciccia