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Chapter 1

My Creepy Hallway

Every morning I get a shiver down my spine. I look at my extremely white door. Outside I have a pitch black hallway.

“Oh no! I’m late for school,” I said, looking at the round clock. I took a deep breath. I slowly kicked my blanket off my bed and walked to my door. I grabbed the door handle and slowly twisted it. I waited for five seconds. When I was up to three I heard a ghostly moan. I started shaking heavily. I closed my eyes tightly and opened my door. When I was in my pitch black hallway I felt something tickle my feet. I shook so much that I raced to the lounge room. I started to puff in relief. I packed everything I needed to go to school.

In class I couldn’t think straight. I wrote 1+1+=3. The teacher thought I was trying to get attention by writing that, so I got detention.

After school I touched the handle of the front door. I suddenly stopped because I saw a picture of a lady getting stabbed.

Chapter 2

Who Was the Lady on the Picture?

I scrunched the piece of paper up and tried to forget all about it. I suddenly had to go to the toilet. As I got there my eyes were filling up with tears because my mum was lying on the floor. with blood leaking out of her chest. Then a wave of memory went through my brain.

“That’s what that picture meant.” Then I saw another note. The note said, “LOOK OUT  YOU”RE NEXT”. I freaked our. I heard tapping and knocking on our door. I raced to the open window in the bathroom. I tried to squeeze through but I couldn’t fit. So I grabbed a hammer out of the door and bashed the glass until it broke. I suddenly heard footsteps behind me. I closed my eyes and felt for the window. I pushed myself through the window. When I was about twelve metres away from the house, the house blew up in flames. I saw something in the sky.

Chapter 3

My New Friend

It looked like Uranus. I realised it was coming straight to earth. I started to cry. Someone came up to me. She had brown eyes, black hair and beautiful tanned skin. She said, ” Hi, my name is Melody. Would you like to hang out with me? Don’t be scared. My parents died.”

“Really? My parents died too”, I said.

After an hour or so we became best friends. “BOOM”! We fell over with a thud.

“What was that?” asked Melody.

“I know exactly what that was. It was Uranus!”

Soon waves of water were crashing towards us. They went right on us. I swallowed a gulp, of water and I needed to cough. I couldn’t breathe., Melody was missing and my heart was pounding. A wave of water pushed me into a mountain. I gripped onto a tiny hole in the mountain and started to climb up. I needed to find Melody and so I dived into the water to find her. Suddenly I had to burp. So I did.

Chapter 4

My New Home

I ran out of breath. So I knew it was the end of my life for me. So I let myself die.My spirit flowed out of my body. Soon my spirit reached Heaven. I saw God and Jesus. So I gave them a big hug. After that I started doing gymnastics.

So I lived my afterlife in heaven. It was wonderful. W-wait is that…..It is….It’s Donald Trump. I’m so turning the other direction. I sorry I have to go now. So I will see you next time on the quest to find my dead mother.

Written by Alicia Engler