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How To Be a Viking Raider


Sharp weapon

Wooden ship

Brave warriors

Big shields.

And wool

Greetings. My name is Sarah the Viking. I am a vicious and highly successful raider. If you want to be rich and famous, just follow my handy tips on how to organise and carry out a raid on a coastal monastery.

Step 1

You will need money to help you build the boat faster. I’d suggest you choose the medium ship, you will need it.

Step 2

Before you go any further please make sure you have these materials.             

 Step 3

If you’re reading this right now I assume you have all these materials. Choose a place to build your ship. I’d choose out of Strandybarm or Kaupang because they have wool and wood which is perfect.

Step 4

 Ok time to choose your crew. A berserker kills more people, a navigator helps make sure you don’t get lost on the raid; a sail maker repairs your sail if it gets destroyed, and last but not least are warriors.

Step 5

 Choose which route to take. Across the sea is quick but risky and along the coast is slow but safe

I’d suggest you take quick but risky because it’s basically the same as slow and safe but this is much faster.

Step 6

Where shall you land your ship? Just letting you know surprise is the most important thing so they don’t see you coming but don’t go too far or it will take a while to walk.

Step 7

Will you destroy everything after the raid or will you leave it all alone? Don’t destroy everything because there will be nothing there when you come back next time. If you collected all the stuff I guess you can burn it down but the chief will be mad.

Thank you for joining me with the steps but it’s time for me to go raiding with my crew.


Written by Alicia Engler