Chapter One: The Attack
I ran as fast as I could as I made a skid-stop at the end of the cliff.
“Should I, should I not?” I asked myself.
I was running from a beast that had curly horns, large claws and 6 legs. The orb I was holding started to glow a pale, turquoise green colour. It flew out of my hands. The colour travelled from the side of it. It transformed into a bubble that surrounded me. I jumped off the edge of the cliff but when I hit the grasslands I didn’t feel a thing. The beast leaped onto me. The bubble faded.
“That hurt,” I exclaimed as I reached out for the orb. The monster jumped off of me. I started to make my way home. I tucked the orb into my bag. As I made my way home I logged onto the computer.

This is the ultimate weapon. The guardian is called SARPHLIX. It is said that this can transform into whatever you think of.

“Strange” I Said.

Chapter Two: The Find

         I charged out the back of the house. I thought of a missile launcher. It appeared. I thought of a sword. It appeared. I dashed off to the forest. I found out where the monster was.

“Game on!” I screeched. I charged at the sarphlix. It came out of another puddle. “So that’s how you want to play. My suggestion is that I kill you.”

I went to the puddle that was on the left of the monster. It appeared at that puddle. I stabbed at its heart. It survived!

I entered a corner. I was trapped!

Chapter Three: Elemental

I had to think fast. I thought of a shield. It appeared. I held it in front of me. The beast hit the shield. I thought of a sword. It appeared. I stabbed at its armpits. It died.

“That is a punishment,” I sighed.

I made my way back home, again.


Written by Jimmy Cameron