The Figure In The Fog – Chapter 2 of The Ghost in the Basement

I woke up and it was extremely foggy. When my feet hit the ground I felt a cold shiver go down my spine. I checked my alarm clock “5:00 AM”.

As I strolled through the hallway, mum’s old picture of her great-great grandma moved. I wiped my eyes to see that the picture had stopped moving. I was a bit shocked. so, I fast walked to the kitchen and sat down on the couch. A couple of days ago my friend, Everleigh, told me about a website of “Die at my” So I decided to search up the website. The results were definitely NOT good.

Katherine Malverine (my mum’s great- great grandma).

I went all trembly and my head went dizzy. A chilled object touched my shoulders and  I gasped, but I used my hands to cover my mouth to stop screaming.

It was now 6:30 and I was still traumatized from the event. I looked out the window, and stared at the dull graveyard and shivered. I noticed a strange, moving, tall shape. It was dressed in black and was wearing a hoodie. He was fast walking around as if he was in a hurry. He pulled a shovel out and started to dig.

Image result for clipart scary graveyardWritten by Melody Mull