School Values and Consequences.

    Orbost North Primary School.


At this school we want everyone to :

  • Respect others
  • Be responsible
  • Stay safe and be happy (not leave the room without permission.)
  • Follow instructions
  • Look after each other, all equipment and our school environment.
  • Include others without violence, share and be helpful
  • Be the best they can be and have a go.



When our values are broken :

1.The student’s name will be written on the board, this is a warning.

2. One tick =consequence from the list at the next play time, like picking up rubbish.

3. Two ticks= Note home about the behaviour to the student’s parents, to be signed and an appropriate consequence to be negotiated with the Teacher.

            List of consequences.

  • Write out School values.
  • Miss out on a play time.
  • Write an apology letter to the appropriate person.
  • Have a meeting with those involved and the parents.
  • Do some community service in the yard (pick up rubbish)
  • Miss out on an excursion.
  • Be sent home.