Orbost North’s Pyjama Day

The newly formed Junior School Council of Orbost North chose the Anti-bullying, pyjama day as their first out of school fund raiser for the year. We were delighted to see everyone turn up in their pyjamas with a donation and we were even more excited to find we’d raised $77!  Not bad for a school of only 30 students.

We’d like to thank the Orbost Police for visiting the school and explaining the different forms that bullying can take, to the students and the consequences that the bullying incurs.

I believe the day was a great success giving all the children at Orbost North something to think about and making them aware that even by witnessing the bullying and not acting in any way to stop it, you are being a bully yourself.

Sara and Jess

Sara and Jessica cuddle the kitten.

pyjama day

Bella, Jacob and Kaylee in their pj’s.