Improving our Sentences

In this lesson we had to make better, more interesting, sentences by adding different adjectives to describe the nouns.

Our New Sentences

The two very fat, sneaky cats with long, soft fur were sneaking into a shop and stealing all the money.

Natalie Rixon

The two very fluffy and bony labs with floppy ears were in the flower bed destroying the priceless flowers and the baby trees.

Sophie Knight

The  park  was very peaceful until the three dogs came, noisy, barking and jumping around.

Kaylee Cameron

The three hardly non-fluffy, ginger cats licked themselves in the house by the fire.

Alex Knight

The two very vicious, bulky bobcats with sharp and point teeth chased their prey into the dark, smelly swamp.

Dustin Bommer

The two mostly strong, hard-working men with lots of shovels and spades were working at the mill.

Elliott Thomas

The two very petite blue heeler dogs with short tails chased each other at the park.

Jimmy Cameron

The very soft bullshark went on a rampage.

Dylan Millard

The two enormous faded orange, dangerous tiger sharks with sharp teeth swam in the ocean.

Sara Tatti