Stories From Preps And Grade One

Today was my sharing and I brought my kitten to school. Everybody liked her. Her name is Sky.


I’m going to Katy Perry’s concert to watch her.

               Bella Archer

I drew a picture. I drew a queen and a king. The queen saw a butterfly.

Jessie Hearl

Today I woke up early and had breakfast, so Mum could do my hair.

Holly Schaefer

My spider has eight legs. They are blue. My spider has eight eyes. They are purple eyes. My spider lives in the ground. It spins a tunnel web. My spider is cute and funny.

Rianna Tatti

On Saturday I went motorbike riding. I did a little jump. I had a little crash. I crashed the wheel. When I was riding I went faster. I wanted to do the jump.

Mark Hederman