Some Silly Stories from Prep /1 /2

One day there was a chook. The chook read a book. The book bit the chook and the chook grabbed a hook and whacked the book. “What a naughty book you are,” said the chook.

By Jessie Hearl



Once there was a King. He swung and swung on the swing and then he fell off. He stepped on a bee and he said “It stings!” But then the bee did start to sing. The King looked up at the bee’s wings. It had colourful wings. The King said to the bee “Can you stop singing?”
                                                                                                                               By Jessica Rixon


One day two girls named Amy and Holly were pretending to be monkeys. They liked eating bees and fleas. One day they met Jessie the bee and she gave them TNT and it blew up a tree. They found a key in the blown up tree. They had tea and went in the sea .

By Bella Archer



Once upon a time there was a dark brown taco. He was the ugliest brown taco ever. His name was MARK. He went to the ocean and near the park he met a shark. Image result for clipart taco
The shark said “ Bark!! EHHHHHHHHUM!!! Sorry I barked I’m part dog. It is getting dark, do you want to crash at my place?”
“Yes I will.” said the taco.
“THANKS! I haven’t had any visitors lately.”
When they got to the shark’s house, the shark ate the taco. That was the end of the taco!


By Mark Hederman