We’ve started up Clubs again this year with Paul Brown, Mr Millward, Mrs Dacy-Broome and Mrs Murray.
Paul Brown is doing wood work again this year. His skilful group loves making new creations with him. They are hoping to do more wood work on their own in future years.
Mrs Murray is planning fabric art this year for the first time with the 2-3 girls. This group enjoys showing off their skills with fabric.
Mrs Dacy-Broome is playing co-operation games with the preps. The preps love playing games with Mrs Dacy-Broome.
Mr Millward is doing clay mation with his group for the first time where they love making movies with clay. Mr Millward’s group of movie- makers is having fun being cinematographers.
Sophie Knight

Amy and Jessica designing their fabric art.

Budding cinematographers with Mr Millward.